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Indulge in the luxury of SUPERBA's Valenti Collection with sofas crafted from premium nubuck leather and suede. Experience unparalleled comfort and style.
Valenti Dante Large Sofa
Valenti Dante Large Sofa Sale price£1,500
Valenti Dante Medium Sofa
Valenti Dante Medium Sofa Sale price£1,200
Valenti Dante Armchair
Valenti Dante Armchair Sale price£800
Valenti Dante Footstool
Valenti Dante Footstool Sale price£400
Valenti Valerio Large Sofa
Valenti Valerio Large Sofa Sale price£1,500
Valenti Valerio Medium Sofa
Valenti Valerio Medium Sofa Sale price£1,200
Valenti Valerio Armchair
Valenti Valerio Armchair Sale price£800
Valenti Valerio Footstool
Valenti Valerio Footstool Sale price£400

About Valenti

"When in doubt look suave"

- Snoopy from 'Charlie Brown'

Valenti is for the suave. Picture yourself in a Venetian cafe, absorbing the beautiful cityscape as friends and romantics ravage the moment. This is Valenti. Super soft Italian leather or suede with a deep seat for extra dreaming, this is the lush lows of the high life. Bliss.

For: The dreamers

Not for: The dreary

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