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Modular Sofas

Revolutionise your living space with our versatile modular sofas. Crafted to adapt to your changing needs, these modular marvels offer endless configuration possibilities, allowing you to customise your seating arrangement with ease. From intimate gatherings to spacious lounging, SUPERBA modular sofas, including the popular Goodman and Jade collections, effortlessly combine style and flexibility, ensuring comfort and convenience in any setting.

REMOVABLE COVERSGoodman Left Sectional
Goodman Left Sectional Sale price£2,300
REMOVABLE COVERSGoodman Right Sectional
Goodman Right Sectional Sale price£2,300
REMOVABLE COVERSGoodman Luxe Open U Shape
Goodman Luxe Open U Shape Sale price£3,200
Jade Right Sectional
Jade Right Sectional Sale price£1,600
Jade Left Sectional
Jade Left Sectional Sale price£1,600
Jade U Shape Sofa
Jade U Shape Sofa Sale price£2,900
Milo Jeudi Corner Sofa
Milo Jeudi Corner Sofa Sale price£2,000
Milo Jeudi Large Sofa
Milo Jeudi Large Sofa Sale price£1,500
Milo Bouclé Corner Sofa
Milo Bouclé Corner Sofa Sale price£2,000
Milo Bouclé Large Sofa
Milo Bouclé Large Sofa Sale price£1,500