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Explore SUPERBA's Caro Collection, featuring luxury woollen fabric sofas in five colours designed for bearhug comfort and sustainable living.
Caro Large Sofa
Caro Large Sofa Sale price£800
Caro Medium Sofa
Caro Medium Sofa Sale price£650
Caro Armchair
Caro Armchair Sale price£550
Caro Footstool
Caro Footstool Sale price£250

About Caro

"Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always"

- Hippocrates

Caro is for creatures of comfort. If your idea of the perfect day involves a visit to your favourite shop, café, spa or sports arena, Caro will chime with you. Made for comfort with soft, luxurious wool and fibre-filled backs, this is the sedentary equivalent of a bearhug.

For: Unwinding

Not for: The unworthy

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