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Article: Guide to choosing your ideal sofa

Guide to choosing your ideal sofa

Guide to choosing your ideal sofa


December 18th 2023

Sometimes it can be daunting to know where to start. While some people have a firm idea about what they want, others are more flexible or even just baffled by the options. At Superba we make furniture that comprises high-end technology and artisan craftsmanship. It is a complicated process to take the anatomy of a sofa and put it through our unique design process while meeting our sustainability manifesto. But when we have created our pieces, we want everyone to have the chance to enjoy them. So, we flip that complex manufacturing process and make the buying one as easy as we can. We will help you choose your ideal sofa. Our guides are simple, easy to manage and will clearly explain the price, materials, style, and even ambition of each sofa. All our sofas are created from love, passion, and knowledge, but we know customers have different needs. From statement pieces to everyday use, and from eye-catching chic to cabana-style comfort, the motivations behind buying vary. We are confident we have something for everyone, but you need to know how to find it and we are here to help you choose. Think of entering the world of Superba as a treasure hunt and our guide is your map.

Universal design concept - Style v Comfort

We produce sofas that look very different from one another, but they are all part of the same family. The underlying aspiration is to produce sustainable, comfortable, price-conscious, and stylish furniture. These are the cornerstones of what we do.

Our sofas are born in laboratories and made in factories, but the care that goes into their creation is personal and universal. The R&D stage is a delicate phase in which Superba creatives and engineers work together to ensure everything is underpinned by these four tenets. We are proud that we can mesh style and comfort without sacrificing one or the other. For us they go hand in glove. It is about the perfect fit. We make no apology for loving what we do. Style v comfort is a fine balance, and we treat our work as a fine romance.