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Article: Anatomy of a Sofa

Anatomy of a Sofa

Anatomy of a Sofa


December 17th 2023

Anatomy is concerned with the structure of organisms and how they bind together to create a living, breathing miracle. For us at Superba we follow the same basic principles and take various branches of anatomy to produce. the best-looking, most attractive sofa. When we do this, we maintain the focus on comfort and abide by our mantra of only using ethically sourced materials. The first thing we look at is the sofa frame or skeleton. As with living things, this is unseen but is crucial to the finished product. Hewn from solid wood the construction is forensically monitored to create perfect balance from beams and rails. It is strong, solid, and durable. The emphasis is on using our carefully designed industrialised production process, so we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee without using extraneous wood and wasting money and vital environmental resources. The next step is the padding. Our seat cushions are made from different combinations of materials to suit style and comfort choices, with our mainstream system using pocket coils and foam. This is used on most Superba sofas. We also use feathers, but only the softest kind selected by our expert Italian supplier, so that you do not encounter unwanted quills or small, low-grade feathers. Our fibre produces a softer look than many sofas and makes the back cushions deliciously inviting. And the padding is completed by foam. We wrap our frames in this and use it in back cushions to provide trademark slick definition. It’s not one foam for all, though, and we select the precise kind best suited for the density and posture of each model. The outer surface is the eye-catching part. Our Italian leather sofas are crafted using leather sourced exclusively from certified and officially audited Italian tanneries. It is then manually cut by craftspeople, and we never use seams on our back cushions and seats. We use genuine aniline, nubuck, or suede leathers. These are the ins-and-outs of how we make our economic, anatomic, and ergonomic sofas.

The engineering of comfort

Style is not much good without substance, right? In Victorian times women would wear whalebone corsets and while suitors gasped at their physique, the wearers just gasped for breath.

We want our sofas to look fantastic but feel it too. This is where our in-house research and design department comes in. They study dimensions, proportions, depth, and height to create that lush, lounge-like vibe. They pair foam with the perfect fibre so that each item has its own unique feel.

Sometimes in furniture design, comfort gets sacrificed, but we feel there is no point having an aesthetically brilliant sofa if it is athletically challenging. When we craft a piece, the customer is at the forefront of our mind. Visual thrills have to be aligned to the ability to physically chill. Superba culture is about forging a deeply satisfying customer experience. This means we study every aspect of every piece to ensure the covers and padding are the right choice. We love to handcraft furniture to suit differing standards, postures, and taste, but a comfy sofa is always the bottom line.